Sustainable Tuna  is :
The Sustainable Method of Tuna Fishing using Lures (Jigs), and/or Poles (Bait). Also Known As The Tuna "TROLL & POLE" Fishery

                Sustainable High Seas Albacore Tuna Fish Troller     (Jig Boat)                  

     We here at are dedicated...wait, hold on! I can't do this without first telling a little fish story, if you will please permit me.

  When I started fishing on my little boat, "Hey Mama", I fished alone a lot. As a God loving man,even though I was by myself, I never felt ALONE & would say "WE" all the time. When talking to my fellow fishermen, I would say, "We just caught 50 fish", "We just turned around", "We are going to port", "We are drifting now", etc. My friends would catch me and ask if I had a new crew, or if there was a mouse in my pocket... It's strange, but I never felt alone. Like there was always someone, a Presence, there with me. Even the boat has a Soul.So please forgive me if I say "WE". It's never just me.

Sustainable is a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not harmed, depleted or damaged in any way! 

                          Sustainable Albacore Jig(Troll) Tuna fish boats   Pago Pago, Samoa      

  Our goal is simple : "BAN" High Seas Driftnets! For good!

  • Awareness: Educate the public that High Seas driftnet vessels are still fishing. They never stopped. Most people I talk to think we got rid of driftnets years ago. NOT TRUE
  • Action: Give the public a choice to buy Sustainable Tuna Fish. Provide a Sustainable alternative that may not be available in your stores, or area.
  • More Action: Have the public sign a Petition, to be sent to Congressmen, and the United Nations
  • Future: Supply 1-3 fishing boats to monitor the fishing grounds. Also to be used to teach foreign countries a sustainable method of tuna fishing, and to further Ocean Life research, and Ocean conditions, etc.

  I have started a non-profit organization called Ocean Friends Against Driftnets (OFAD). I hope & pray to raise enough money to make all this happen.

   To learn more, or to donate, please go to:

About our products       Fresh Albacore Tuna Fish, Hard Fishing in the wind              ( in memory of Mark)

   I have the pleasure of offering 2 of the finest Private Labels known on the West Coast. Each has been involved in the Sustainable Canned Tuna Fish business for over 20 years.

  I fished around Herb, on the "EZC" back in the mid 80's. He is the owner of "Oregon's Choice" Gourmet Albacore. He started out by selling his Sustainable Tuna off the boat in Newport, Oregon when the major canneries shut down on the west coast. I admire Herb & his family for always having high quality tuna Fish & making sure his customers were totally satisfied! I remember Herb leaving the fishing grounds during "Hot" fishing, just to fill his customers' orders. You will be totally satisfied with "Oregon's Choice"!  We guarantee It!

  Back in the mid 80's, the major canners stopped buying Tuna Fish on the West Coast. I would sell my last load of fish for the year to the public, like many other boats. It takes a long time, and is not exactly what you want to do after fishing all summer long.

   One year I was in Coos Bay, Oregon setting up shop to sell fish to the public, when a guy named Jack came down to look at my fish. Jack & Dee Dee, owners of Chuck's Seafood, offered me a more than fair price for my whole boat load of fish. I was stoked! They even gave me a giant ice cream cone from the parlor they had next door.They treated me well, as all their customers. They custom can only the best Sustainable Tuna Fish. They are known up & down the West Coast for High Quality Seafood.You won't be disappointed with Chuck's Seafood. I assure you!

  If you have any questions about any of their products, or comments you wish to share about sustainable tuna, please call or e-mail me at :

  phone:  (831) 320-2805 

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