HMS permit petition
A petition to BAN high seas Driftnets "World-Wide" by International Commercial fishermen catching Highly Migratory Species (HMS).


 To: The United States Congress; the United Nations,

   I, _______________________________________, the owner/operator of the
F/v ________________________________________ am involved in commercial fishing for albacore tuna and hold a Highly Migratory Species permit.  I conduct my fishing operations in both inshore waters and high seas waters (off shore).
   I have caught albacore tuna, or know of albacore tuna being caught by others, with the distinct markings (scratches) of driftnets. I have sighted, or know of others whom have sighted driftnet vessels, during the past 7 years. These driftnet fishing vessels are known to be fishing for albacore tuna and are posing as a direct threat to my fishery. I feel that high seas driftnet fishing continue to deplete the ocean’s “living marine recourses”, including “existing fisheries” such as mine. As stated in the U. S. Code: Title 16, Chapter 38, sub-chapter III, 1826.
   I demand that an immediate Ban on all high seas driftnet fishing be made. I also feel that compensation should be given to help cover the ocean’s loss and mine. Strong actions must be taken against the previous offenders. Congress & the President have failed to include driftnet vessels on any IUU list, or implemented any sanctions on offending countries, as stated in the   U. S. code: Title 16, Chapter 38, sub-chapter III, 1826(a – 1826(i
 No more high seas driftnet fishing, please! Our albacore tuna must be allowed to migrate!
      Sincerely,_____________________________ date_________
      We have 136 signed petitions as of now!
   If you are a HMS fisherman, from any country, & want to sign, please copy this letter & send using our contact information. You can e-mail a signed copy to:; 
   We incorrage fishermen from all nations to join us.This will bennifit ALL. Our Oceans are our livelyhoods & our resonsability.