High Seas Driftnets are NOT "Banned"
   These Annihilators have been OVERFISHING our OCEANS!! Killing Dolphins, Whales, Sea Turtles, & destroying the OCEAN LIFE with "WALLS of DEATH"!


                                         Driftnets are NOT SUSTAINABLE! 

 Good Day! My name is John Harder. My friends call me john-boy. I am a sustainable tuna, "High Seas", Troll (jig) fisherman. I fish exclusively for Albacore Tuna.

I am proud to say my heritage, as a sustainable tuna fisherman, goes back 4 generations. Starting with my great-grandmother, Pearl, who lost her life on a tuna boat, called " Four Winds", off the west coast near the Columbia River. A place known as "The dumping grounds". I have 2 sons, Rey & Dylan who, if chose to continue fishing, will be 5th generation US Albacore Trollers. My carrier as a commercial fisherman has encompassed 43 years of fishing all around the Pacific Ocean. Myself, along with many other American Albacore fishermen use a sustainable tuna fishing method known as "Trolling", or "Jig" fishing. 


I chose this sustainable tuna fishery, not because of my heritage, but because it's the most environmentally sound method of fishing I know. It is highly selective, and has virtually no by-catch. This means no other species of fish is caught, other then the very odd skipjack, Mahi Mahi, Kingfish, or Salmon that is ether eaten, or carefully released back into the sea. Our hooks have no barbs on them so very little damage is done to the fish in their capture. We refer to this, in the fishing industry, as "Clean Fishing"!

Unfortunately, like the Dolphins, Sperm Whales, Sea Turtles & much of the Ocean Life, we too are endangered. Because of High Seas IUU driftnet fishing activity, our Sustainable Tuna Troll fleet, an existing fishery, can no longer prosper.

By allowing driftnets, a non-sustainable, and illegal method or gear type, to continue to devastate & destroy the Ocean Life and it's ecosystem, nothing can be sustainable.

   You can help by:

  • Signing a petition for a "World Wide Ban on High Seas Drift nets"
  • Speeking Up! Telling a friend and everyone you know. Spreading the word. NOT to buy major US name brand canned tuna anymore. We know not where it's from.
  • Buying & Supporting US  Local(US) labels of canned tuna. This fish is Sustainable Tuna. Local US fishing industry need your support!
  • Buying seafood with the "MSC"label, or looking up the "Seafood watch". Trying to be selective in buying your seafood.
  • Do NOT trust the "Dolphin Safe" label.
  • Supporting Ocean Friends Against Driftnets (OceanFAD) in their endeavor to provide a monitoring and research vessel/s to observe and protect the Ocean. The Ocean is in need of a Guardian. Now that the Jig boats are off the high seas, there is nobody left to watch out for Her.
  • To follow OFAD's progress & updates on similar information, go to:



Sustainable Tuna fish (troll & pole caught) provides one of the highest levels of high quality protein and Omega 3 fatty acids, recommended by the American Heart Association ,to help reduce heart disease.

Alder Smoked, Gourmet Canned Albacore Tuna Fish, Caught sustainably           Chuck's Seafood,Sustainable Canned Albacore Tuna.     


Here are some outstanding West Coast Labels to try. 

   YESthere are Fishermen who CARE about our Oceans. Our Troll method of using fishing lures (jigs) is the most Sustainable way to fish Tuna. With almost 0% by-catch, and using Barb-less hooks, we can be very selective without harming the fish stocks, or the Ocean Life. We fish in harmony with the Sea. We try to help protect the ocean environment by only taking what the Ocean will give.

                    It's NOT working!     It's NOT  ENOUGH !     Why??

             Big Cannery Money & Politics + Foreign trade policy =  

                                        Organized Crime                       

 Please, watch this great video by oceana.org!! Just

                     "High Seas Driftnets are NOT Banned"

   The only High Seas Driftnet fishing that is BANNED is for Anadromous fish, or SALMON. All other fish species are considered under a "MORATORIUM", which is virtually meaninglessIt is like a slap on the wrist. It's a JOKE !

Foreign nations such as Taiwan, China, and Korea take it as it's ok to target Albacore Tuna and other Tunas like Blue Fin Tuna, or Skip Jack Tuna as well. Who is going to stop them?

  Our US Coast Guard responds to a report from someone like me, or an airplane sighting.  If and when they do a boarding inspection and find Salmon on board, they can seize the fishing boat. If they find NO salmon on board, they must contact the home country of the vessel. The USCG must release custody to the home country. If the Country of the vessel tells the USCG to get off the fishing boat, then the USCG must obey.

    U.S. taxpayers spend millions of dollars for USCG to conduct what amounts to a "Drift net Catch & Release" program.

 From 2001 - 2005 there was virtually NO response from the USCG to any reports we (High Seas Tuna Troll Fleet) made of drift net activity in the North Pacific. They claimed "not enough funds", "no vessels in your area", "thanks, we will make a note of it," "take pictures & note sightings in your log book," etc.

 In 2005, Congress finally passed a law stating USCG must respond to sighting reports. Shortly after that, 9 sightings were made for a total of 24 sightings in 2005, with 0 convictions.

In 2006 there were 98 sightings & 0 convictions!!

In 2007 there were 47 sightings & only 7 convictions. Now does that sound fishy? For more info, click HERE  & go to page 7 of the Report to Congress. 

   Dead Sperm Whale in driftnets.    Driftnets are Sperm Whales' Biggest Killer.

        Click on sperm whale pictures to watch a driftnet Video    

     For over 20 years, I have personally witnessed the destruction caused by the high seas drift nets. It's devastating! I helped develop an international sustainable Tuna fishery shortly after the United Nations placed a moratorium on drift nets in 1992. I believed then that ocean was finally free of drift nets. Boy, was I wrong! Ten years later the drift nets were back, and I lost all I had. A wonderful way of life on the Pacific Ocean wiped out! Worst of all, the Ocean Life is dying at an enormous rate.

                                                      This Video explains it all!

                                   "Click" on can above, it explains it all!

    I asked the US State Department, "Why don't you do something about the driftnets? Can't we put sanctions on these countries? They are KILLING us, & the Ocean Lifeyear after year!!" "John-boy, China owns us," he said, "sanctions are only to be used as a last resort." I asked, "What am I -- don't I count as a last resort? Personally, I don't like the idea of anybody owning me except God."

  Puffin Sea Bird in Driftnet; Click to see more : EJFoundation.org           Sperm Whale caught in Driftnet;  Click to see more : EJFoundation.org

     Click on pictures to see a report on Illegal Driftnets in the Mediterranean

   So do you really want to save the dolphins? What about saving the whales? Would you like to do something to help sea turtles? How about sharks, sea birds like the great Albatross, or mutton birds? Oh, and, don't forget the SALMON... That's right, drift nets take it ALL!!!

    Here are some excellent U.S. labels for you to try.    Locally caught & canned Sustainable TUNA FISH.           

 Chuck's Seafood, Sustainable Canned Albacore Tuna Fish,

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  WE can't wait till our governments put sanctions on these countries! There won't be anything left of our Ocean Life by then.

   OUR President & Congress won't take action.

   WE The People MUST TAKE A STAND NOW!!   

     STOP  Buying foreign Canned Tuna Fish products

                        Buy Sustainable Tuna  Products of USA!!!

                            Oregon's Choice Gourmet Albacore, Sustainable Canned Tuna Fish;              

                             "Click" on picture to go to the store 

     Try not to buy major brand names. "Dolphin Safe" labels CANNOT be trusted. The major canners have been conning us too long. If you buy major brand names, you could be supporting the non sustainable tuna drift net fleet.

    Did you know that "Chicken of the Sea" is owned by Thailand? Do you think Thailand cares about the Ocean Life, or over fishing? Thailand won't even join the Western & Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC).

   Did you know that Starkist is owned by Korea?

Foreign countries such as Taiwan, China and Korea do not comply to the WCPFC by not having all their fishing vessels registered in their countries. In other words out of 370 fishing vessels operating from Taiwan, only 150 are registered. 1/2 of Taiwan's fishing fleet should be classified as Illegal, Unreported, & Unidentified (IUU). They go unnoticed. 


    YOU can make a difference by buying only sustainable Tuna Fish! Tuna you can trust! Caught in the Pacific Ocean & a Product of USA!  

   You may be thinking, "This can't be true". Maybe you're wondering why it took me so long to say something, or why you haven't heard more...

    Please, we have tried EVERYTHING! I report to the American Albacore Fishermen's Association (AAFA) & the Western Fishboat Owners' Association (WFOA). They report to the US Coast Guard & the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), but nothing changes. I report in my log books with pictures of driftnet-marked fish (see photo below) sent to the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) along with all the other fishing boats' logs, but, again, nothing changes. I tried notifying the media; they won't print it, or say anything. It's all a cover-up. All about the money. NOT the Ocean Life. The Ocean Life has been sold out. And so have YOU!

                      Scratched up Tuna Fish, after falling out of a driftnet

    I caught these driftnet boats red-handed. I submitted 2 reports to the WCPFC, and they still won't stop. There is so much corruption in the Tuna Industry, it would make you sick. You can read my documented reports to the WCPFC, submitted in 2005 &  2007.

     Thanks for visiting my site. I am sorry to be the one to bring this sad story to you. Someone needs to bring this out into the light! The Ocean Life is more important than mine! 

 Now YOU know.  The rest is up to YOU.

 Disclaimer: This is a informational site only, & NOT for profit. It is in no way affiliated with any other sites connected to this site. This site solely reflects the facts and opinions of myself, John Harder- Ocean Lover(Stewart), High Seas Sustainable Albacore Tuna Fisherman